Jobs für Studenten


Working in Germany for the RegioGroup

No matter for what reason you want to work in Germany, as a student we give you the opportunity to work in our company group in an uncomplicated way. Earn money for your studies, get to know the German culture or take your German language skills to the next level - apply for a student job at our hotels and try us!

"RegioGroup" is a regional employer, with currently more than 190 employees in 11 companies. We love what we do and are looking for like-minded people for our three divisions - RegioEstate, RegioAssist and RegioHotel - who also love what they do and want to work with us on exciting goals. Get to know us!

Your working location: Central Germany

There could not be a better place to work for a foreign student. Our company location offers you the opportunity to undertake several activities in Germany during your days off. Work where others spend their holidays and enjoy the unique flair of Central Germany!



The Harz Mountains, National Park                  The colourful city of the Harz: Wernigerode